iCare Tonometer

This unique technology enables safe, painless and hygienic eye pressure measurement without having to blow air in to your eye or use drops.

The rebound technology is based on the rebound measuring principle, in which a very light-weight probe is used to make a momentary, very light contact with the front of the eye.  Most patients report not feeling anything all to feeling a sensation of someone tickling their eyelashes. 

This method works very well for children, who may already be apprehensive about their first eye exam or patients that may not be able to position for the traditional air puff test. 


The ICare tonometer is very accurate. Sensors in the unit detect when the probe makes contact with the most optimal part of the front of the eye before it takes a reading. A series of 6, very quick readings are taken in rapid succession to form an average.  


It's hygienic. Probes are used once only and disposed of in front of the patient.  It's very effective for checking eye pressure on patients with eye
injuries or eye infections.