Feeling adventurous? Mr. Blue can cut almost any custom shape you can think of!

Mr. Blue

The most advanced technology in edging, or cutting, lenses to ensure your glasses are made to your exact prescription and fit your frame.

Mr. Blue is made by Essilor, the world's leading producer of finished lens edging instruments for eyecare professionals. Mr. Blue handles all aspects of lens production, from testing, measuring, edging, drilling and mounting. This technology allows us to cut your lenses to fit the exact dimensions and shape of your frame. He also 'reads' each lens to find the perfect optical center to ensure your lenses are made to your exact specifications.

If you want to use your current frame, Mr. Blue lets us trace the shape of your frame on your first visit, save it in his memory and have your lenses cut and waiting to put in your frame when you arrive to pick them up - saving you extra wait time.

And if you're in a hurry and we have your lenses in stock, Mr. Blue can have them ready for you in less than an hour.