Visioffice Measuring System

Simpson Optical is one of a select group of optometric practices in Kentucky with Essilor’s Visioffice system.

This new technology is an all-in-one system that provides a full range of measurements for no-line, or progressive lenses. The Visioffice measures each individual’s eyes for each of the following:

  • Eye Rotation Center: each of your eyes rotates around a fixed point in the center of your eye, this measurement helps provide one component of how you use your lenses.

  • Natural head posture: this is a unique measurement based on how you move your head as you look through your lenses.

  • Visual behavior: determines how your eyes look through your lenses as you move your head.

  • Eye position: the distance between your eyes, and where the best distance is for the transition between your distance and near prescription

  • Frame measurements: the wrap or contour of the frame, the angle or tilt as it fits on your face and the height and width of your frame are all some of the dimensions that impact how your lenses are made.

The Visioffice Eyecode System calculates all of these dimensions and creates a custom profile to make completely individualized lenses just for you.